Merry Christmas! 2013

I would totally post a beautiful picture of a well-decorated Christmas Tree twinkling next to warm fireplace. But alas, I cannot. Because we didn’t put up a Christmas Tree this year… I know, I know. We are so lame.

But here's a picture of cheesecake instead.
But here’s a picture of cheesecake instead.

So as you can probably tell, my family is not really all gung-ho about Christmas, but we do celebrate some traditions, like getting gifts from “Santa”. I’ve never not gotten a Santa gift. In fact, even at the age of 20, I still tell my parents every year, “If Santa doesn’t get me a present this year, it means that my parents don’t love me.” (This is a terrible thing to say, and Christmas is not all about the presents! Disclaimer. ) Now that I’m older, my parents get presents from “Santa” too!

Here’s how my day went:
So I made a wishlist for my parents to pass on to Santa, which included a few things that I actually received! First of all, a set of nail polishes in the exact brand I requested (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is my absolute favorite) and I was really surprised at Santa’s generosity, because I really only expected like, two or three bottles.

Thanks Santa!

I also got a 3 month subscription to Whimseybox, which is something I discovered recently that I am VERY excited about. For $15/month, you get one package every month with all the materials included for a crafts project. I LOVE crafts and I love receiving packages so the idea of getting a complete kit in the mail every month is SO perfect for me! So excited.

Okay, at this point I will move back in time to two days before Christmas, when I was out shopping with my friend Evelyn. I guess my parents forgot that Christmas was coming up so soon… I mentioned it that morning, like “oh, I can’t make plans with my friends tomorrow because it’s Christmas Eve”, and my mom was shocked and immediately ran to the calendar to confirm. Anyways… I think they forgot to get my brother a Santa present because he unwrapped his and out came a “365 Days Brain Puzzles” thing…. LOL. Poor brother, he ALWAYS gets some kind of “educational” knickknack. Although last year he got an iPad so, you know. I felt bad for him because it was obviously a last minute present and he seemed kind of taken back, although he was a good sport and said it was “cool” and didn’t complain about it. But I think my parents felt bad too, because then my dad proceeded to try to pawn off one of my gifts for him to my brother 😡

Speaking of, I like to wrap my presents, label them “From Santa” and leave them where my parents leave their Santa presents as a surprise to them 🙂 Except this year I couldn’t find where they hid the presents ;___; So I just left them on the table. It turns out they were in the fireplace. Very clever.

I was VERY excited to give mom her present. I got her a personalized color-changing mug with pictures of my brother, my mom, and myself on it. It’s black but turns into full color when you put hot water in it 🙂

I think it was a wonderful gift if I say so myself, and she was very happy with it. I love seeing my parents happy!

Color changing mug for mom! When you put hot water in it, the pictures appear!

I got my dad a “Berkeley Dad” T-shirt and a “Berkeley Dad” mug… boring, I know, I didn’t have enough pictures of him on my computer to get him a color-changing mug 😦 But you can see how trying to give the t-shirt to my brother doesn’t work, because it clearly says “Dad” on it…..

Cheesecake in progress!

So yeah. After presents exchange the rest of the day was spent relaxing and making food. We make snowball cookies every year, mainly to send out to our neighbors. My mom did that while I made cheesecake! mmmmmm.

And that basically concludes all the interesting tidbits of my Christmas Day! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family and wishing everyone a very happy holiday season 🙂


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