Hello Sydney!

Today we are leaving Melbourne, where I have been for the past two weeks, to spend a few days in beautiful Sydney! First of all, I have to say... the airport security is so lax here. Kevin got through with a bottle of water, and we didn't even have to take off our shoes... I … Continue reading Hello Sydney!


Shopping and Laneways

Today was a HOT day in Melbourne. Kevin took me to Victoria Market to buy souvenirs. A vendor was selling 7 small trinkets for $10, so I ended up getting 14 of various: kangaroo, wombat, platypus, koala, and penguin keychains, plus some mini boomerangs. So 14 souvenirs, so I can give one to all my … Continue reading Shopping and Laneways

The Day I Hugged a Kangaroo

AKA Best Day EVER!!!! So... today Kevin and I went on tour of Phillip Island, a beautiful island south of Melbourne.  I hugged a kangaroo, cuddled with a koala, and saw an adorable colony of Little Penguins waddle ashore to their burrows. Aahhh! Obviously this is the moment I have been waiting for ever since … Continue reading The Day I Hugged a Kangaroo

Eating and friends

But not eating friends... that would be weird. Today for lunch, we met Kevin’s friend Alean for lunch in Essendon. I had a French toast thing with apples and marscapone and tons of syrup and then bathed in powdered sugar….. omg drool. After that we went to a bakery where Alean and Kevin watched amusedly … Continue reading Eating and friends

Brunch is my favorite meal of the day

This morning I ran a mile with Kevin around his neighborhood. I’m obviously extremely out of shape because my legs started feeling so itchy, and Kevin told me, “They’re probably just not used to the blood flow going through them!” I know he was kidding but it’s probably true... I need to get back into … Continue reading Brunch is my favorite meal of the day

Melbourne – Four Seasons in One Day? (Shrine of Remembrance & Botanical Gardens)

We woke up today to a beautiful clear blue sky and relentless sunshine. We planned to go to the Botanical Garden today, but the best-tour-guide-ever Kevin got lost on the way there. Finally, after a few stops on the tram,  we got off at the Shrine of Remembrance.   The shrine was built as a … Continue reading Melbourne – Four Seasons in One Day? (Shrine of Remembrance & Botanical Gardens)

Just keep swimmin’ – Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Today, I went to the Sea Life Aquarium in Melbourne with my Australian friend Kevin, his cousin Shannon, and her boyfriend. I love aquariums. Seriously, looking at fish is the best. The Aquarium was actually rather crowded, it being a Saturday and all. Lots of families with their kids. It's great that children are interested … Continue reading Just keep swimmin’ – Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium