A couple weeks ago, I went to Color Me Mine with my friends Sylvia and Jennifer. We spent five hours painting our masterpieces and we were pretty proud of the results πŸ™‚

I chose a big tea cup thing that came with a saucer and decided on a Pokemon theme since I’ve been playing Pokemon Black 2 all week. Plus, I prefer to paint scenes or silly things over patterns or designs πŸ˜›

Starting my Pokemon-themed cup! πŸ™‚

I started by searching up Pokemon pictures on my phone and sketching them in. Around my cup I have a singing Jigglypuff putting a togepi to sleep, a Pikachu, Sentret, Drifloon, Chikorita, and a Charmander. The Charmander’s tail goes up the handle of the cup, which I thought was genius. πŸ˜€

“charmander char!”

The last time I went to Color Me Mine, I painted a safari animals scene on my mug and made the handle the elephant’s nose. I thought that was genius too. I would attach a picture but my mom broke that mug ;__;

As you can see, I tried to pick the easiest Pokemon to paint. haha.
Jigglypuff and togepi!
Pikachu has a ditto – looking face… LOL

I went with an underwater-Pokemon scene for the saucer.

Glub glub glub.

So the Color Me Mine we went to that day was out of black paint…. which is something I definitely wanted to use for the outlines and eyes, so I had to use dark brown/blue instead. That was annoying.

We also had a Wetzals Pretzals break during painting πŸ™‚ hehehe. Man, starting and concentrating intently on an object for five hours is so tiring….

Already ate half the pretzel before I could take a picture 😦

While we were painting, a Taylor Swift song came on, and we started talking about how we don’t really like Taylor Swift that much, then our conversation shifted to Miley Cyrus and her disturbing recent behavior. The lady working at Color Me Mine then asked us to “keep it down” because apparently a parent nearby with her kids complained… so we were taken aback and were silent for a few minutes. But honestly, we weren’t using any foul language and we were mindful that kids were in the room and we didn’t speak about anything inappropriate… I think the kids were probably big Taylor Swift fans and the parent didn’t want them to hear others criticizing her :/ which is stupid in my opinion, but whatever. While we were silent, the kid’s parents went out of the store and we overheard their kids talking about “I KNOW WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR BUTT!” so maybe she should be more concerned with what her kids are talking about with their friends.

Anyways, here are what my friends came up with! Sylvia did a gorgeous, extremely detailed multicolored design all around her cup. It looks beautiful and I would never have enough patience to pull this off, hahaha. Jennifer did a really pretty dotted design on the inside of her bowl, and a cute design on the outside as well. Very classy!

Sylvia’s beautiful cup!
Outside of Jennifer’s pretty bowl!
Inside of Jennifer’s bowl!

And now for the finished pieces after they were fired…

Jennifer’s bowl!
My Pokemon cup and saucer!
Sylvia’s cup and saucer!


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