Eating and friends

But not eating friends… that would be weird.

Today for lunch, we met Kevin’s friend Alean for lunch in Essendon. I had a French toast thing with apples and marscapone and tons of syrup and then bathed in powdered sugar….. omg drool.

Hello diabetes.
Hello diabetes.
Alean's Vietnamese Salad
Alean’s Vietnamese Salad

After that we went to a bakery where Alean and Kevin watched amusedly as I devoured a meat pie, which is definitely a thing here in Australia.

The cheeky thing.
The cheeky thing.

At night we had dinner with a bunch of Kevin’s friends. Gosh that boy is popular. We went to Lygon Street, which is lined with Italian restaurants and eateries. Very cool!

It’s really cool to see Kevin interact with his friends, because this is the first time for me to see him with his friends, I guess. That’s just how long-distance friendship works. You only see a person through a screen and how they act towards you is all you know. Australians are so outgoing and chill. Like I seriously have not met a socially awkward person in Australia yet. No wonder I don’t’ fit in here (lol). Anyways, I got the pasta, and afterwards we got gelato and walked around for a while while Kevin’s friends asked me questions about America. They were impressed to learn that we have such a full college experience here. Like, at Berkeley, I live in the dorms, I participate in clubs, and things like that. In Australia the colleges don’t even have sports teams, so they were surprised to learn that we have two stadiums, multiple libraries, and just so many more extracurricular things.

This is a cafe???
This is a cafe???
Cakes upon cakes and ahhhh....
Cakes upon cakes and ahhhh….

We ended the day by going to this huuuge fancy café called Brunettis, but none of us got anything. So we basically just sat there taking up space for actual paying customers. Oops.


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