Today was a HOT day in Melbourne. Kevin took me to Victoria Market to buy souvenirs. A vendor was selling 7 small trinkets for $10, so I ended up getting 14 of various: kangaroo, wombat, platypus, koala, and penguin keychains, plus some mini boomerangs. So 14 souvenirs, so I can give one to all my closest friends, plus 14 extra. *insert sad lonely cry*

After that we we went to Degraves Street, which is a famous laneway in Melbourne. A laneway is basically like an alleyway, but an awesome one with small restaurants, bars, and shops lined side by side. The laneways of Melbourne hold a lot of history and each has its own charm. We ate at a cafe and had a cider (which is alcoholic, yes I am legal here, muahahhaa) and a Pollo Avocado pasta.

Degraves Street!
Degraves Street!

Then we went to Bridge Street for shopping. A lot of stores had sales going on. Being a stereotypical Asian, “sale” is my second favorite word. My first favorite word is “free”. I bought a pair of boots and a dress, yay shopping. I LOVE that in Australia, tax is included. Plus, there is no penny, so everything is rounded to the nearest 5 cents, which makes so much sense. So when something is $30, I pay exactly that much and don’t have to worry about filling up my wallet with useless pennies! Pay attention America!


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