Today we are leaving Melbourne, where I have been for the past two weeks, to spend a few days in beautiful Sydney!

First of all, I have to say… the airport security is so lax here. Kevin got through with a bottle of water, and we didn’t even have to take off our shoes… I mean, I’m probably just used to the stringent security measures at LAX and other American airports, and I guess they do have more to be worried about. They didn’t even check my ID, so I could have been anyone with a plane ticket.

Anywho, I got a little mad at Kevin who picked our seats because I wanted a window seat and we ended up in the one row that didn’t have a window :/ Ah well. From the Sydney airport, we took the train to Town Hall station. By the way, the trains here are awesome because they are double-deckers! Coool!

(By the way, when I say train, I mean the subway/metro thingy!)
IMG_6734We decided that we were too cheap to get a cab, so we walked a couple blocks to our hotel in Darling Harbour, which would have been okay if we weren’t carrying such heavy luggage. Sigh.

I'm in Sydney???
I’m in Sydney???
Beautiful Darling Harbour!
Beautiful Darling Harbour!

After we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, we decided that a celebratory meal was in order. Darling Harbour has plenty of fine restaurants to choose from, so we stopped by Cyren during their happy hour. I ordered my first legal alcoholic cocktail drink 😉 I got a mint mojito and some fish and chips, which were SO good. I’m glad I didn’t get any earlier at one of those dingy fish and chipperies, this was some good quality fish and chips! Kevin got a shrimp pizza with spicy things. I obviously forgot what it was really called.

By the way, shrimps are called “prawn” here!

IMG_6757 After that we walked around, exploring Sydney. We passed many adult book stores. I guess adults here really like to read.

We stumbled across Chinatown, and let me tell you, Sydney’s Chinatown is pretty legit. Like, food stalls and everything, like a night market.

A human plant?
A human plant?
I... don't know what this is actually..
I… don’t know what this is actually..

I ate a spiral potato thingy on a stick, which was exciting.

We walked back to Darling Harbour, and since I want to take advantage of the fact that I am legal here and will not be back home in the States for another year, I got myself a lychee martini… yum!

keepin' it classy.
keepin’ it classy.

Overall it was a great first day in Sydney and I can’t wait to explore some more in the next few days!


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