The day started with me burning my tongue on some cup noodles. Sigh.

Today Kevin and I are going to the beach! Aw yeah. We walked from our hotel to Pyrmont Wharf to catch the ferry. We didn’t know how to ride it though… like nobody was selling tickets. So we thought maybe we bought them when we got onto the boat, but nobody charged us… so confused.

Once we got to Circular Quay though, we bought a day’s pass of ferry and train ticket, which was kind of expensive :/ I wonder if we got ripped off.  Ah well. We then headed to Manly Beach!

Manly Beach!
Manly Beach!

As you can see, there were a fair amount of people there, but Kevin and I dropped off our stuff on a free patch of sand and ran into the waters. I asked Kevin beforehand if there were going to be fat people there like in America… and he said yes, definitely, but I would just like to point out that everyone was tanned and gorgeous 😦 Makes me feel bad.

IMG_6809 IMG_6811

After some lying around – “sunbaking”, as it’s called here in Australia – we got lunch at one of the many seafood joints around town. I then had the brilliant idea to buy a bag of cocktail shrimp for cheap at a supermarket and bring it to the beach to eat, but sadly, that never actually ended up happening. 😦 Anyways, Manly Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Sydney, and for good reason too. It’s gorgeous, especially on a bright sunny day like today. And everyone dresses like Miami. I really wanted to wear a long flowy maxidress and walk around town but alas, I didn’t have such a dress.

Also, I learned from some brochures (yes, I actually read all those) that Manly Beach got its name when settlers came and described the natives as “manly and strong”… I thought it was named after a man named Manly, but it’s name actually comes from the actual adjective, manly. I thought that was interesting.

After some more frolicking around, we went to Benbry Burger, which I read about in the same brochure. Apparently it’s the 4th best burger in Sydney and won all these awards. Why get the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd best when you can have… 4th best 😉 Obviously advertising works reaaaally well on me because I actually read them and I actually get influenced by them…

Don't forget ice cream!
Don’t forget ice cream!

We decided to go home, and then disaster struck. Kevin lost his phone, which also just happened to have my Driver’s License in the case. We spent an hour walking around Circular Quay, talking to police officers, and trying to find it, but we didn’t. No more will be said about this because sadness.

We headed back to Darling Harbour, showered, and headed out to dinner. After some deliberation, we went to the Waterfront Grill and ordered a seared tuna salad and a half rack of ribs. The ribs were amazing… in fact when the server put it down we were too scared to eat it because it was so huge and we weren’t sure if it was a half rack or a full rack hahaha.

omg can I eat my screen. please.
omg can I eat my screen. please.

After that, we headed to the pier because Darling Harbour sets off fireworks every Saturday in January. They were beautiful, because we were so close to the water. Best fireworks I’ve ever seen really. Better than all of the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Melbourne, even. Good job Sydney!

Beautiful Darling Harbour.
Beautiful Darling Harbour.

We went for a walk and watched an awesome breakdancer perform in the streets. His name was Teto and there was fire involved. I don’t know about you but I get real nervous watching street performers. I always hope that they don’t mess up or die and I get REALLY anxious. :/ Kevin gave him some money. We continued on and headed to a bar, where I got a strawberry daiquiri like the big girl I am. Despite our  apparent lack of organizational skills, it was a pretty good day.

Going to end this post with a teaser of the Sydney Opera House, which I had a BEAUTIFUL view of from the ferry! 🙂

oh boy.
oh boy.

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