Sydney Opera House!

Today I stood in front of one of the most photographed buildings in the world – the Sydney Opera House. Aaaaaah!

My friend Kevin and I took the train from Town Hall to Millson’s Point, which is across the Harbour Bridge. After some time searching for the bridge stairs, we finally found it and we crossed the bridge on foot!

Here we go!
Here we go!
On the Harbour Bridge!
On the Harbour Bridge!
Gaby... you harlot...
Gaby… you harlot…

The bridge is big and beautiful but is heavily fenced – apparently to prevent against the numerous suicides that have occurred on the bridge. Nevertheless, it allows for a great view of the Opera House and the harbour… through the chain linked fence of course.

The bridge seems to have picked up on the “love lock” trend, where lovers place an engraved lock on the fence, an everlasting symbol of their relationship. It’s a cute sentiment – the “our love is forever, let’s lock our names to this fence so all the tourists will know”. Strangely, there weren’t too many locks – maybe two or three per stretch of fencing. Many were recent too, dating from late 2013 to 2014… considering it’s January 2014, this is REALLY recent. So I wonder if this was a trend that has started recently, or that the older locks are being cut off or what. Regardless, somewhere nearby is a locksmith who is laughing gleefully, making tons of money off of this…

Anyways, it was really hot, and I wore my wedged sandals, so my feet hurt and I was sweating and I was hungry and first world problems. We briefly had a meal at Hungry Jacks, which is the Australian version of Burger King (why the name change??). Then we went to the Opera House!

THE Sydney Opera House.
THE Sydney Opera House.
Ignore the ugly redhead in the corner.
Ignore the ugly redhead in the corner.

It was every bit as majestic and beautiful as you would think. Lots of tourists though, which I guess is to be of expected…

We also went to the Exxpolis, a luminarium that was erected for the Sydney Festival which is going on all through January. It’s basically a giant blow-up thingy with several rooms, full of pretty lights and colors. It looked so different in real life – the camera colors are totally off.

IMG_3866 IMG_3857

Somehow we managed to limp back home. Kevin bought me ice cream on the way back. I got coffee flavor and he got vanilla and yet again, his flavor was so much better 😦 Whyyy does this always happen 😦

But anyways, never did I think that I would visit the Sydney Opera House. It was definitely a “reflecting-on-life” moment. I met my Australian friend Kevin by chance when we were both on vacation in China, and we ended up forming such a wonderful friendship. He invited me over to see his country and here I am, one year later… this is surreal! It just goes to show that you truly will never know where life will take you.


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