Overnight Oats – Perfect Dorm Room Breakfast

Meet the┬ádelicious, easy, and healthy breakfast that I've been having for the past week or so: Overnight oats! I mix up all the ingredients(rolled oats, mushed up banana, peanut butter, milk) in a cup and put it in the mini-fridge overnight. In the morning, my breakfast is ready. No-cook, easy, and fast! Perfect for any … Continue reading Overnight Oats – Perfect Dorm Room Breakfast


Cal Day

This Saturday was the annual "Cal Day" - a day to celebrate how awesome our school is, and most importantly, to show off its awesomeness to admitted students and to convince them that it is in fact, awesome. It's a vibrant day with clubs tabling on Sproul, a concert on Memorial Glade, and even trollies … Continue reading Cal Day