Cal Day

This Saturday was the annual “Cal Day” – a day to celebrate how awesome our school is, and most importantly, to show off its awesomeness to admitted students and to convince them that it is in fact, awesome. It’s a vibrant day with clubs tabling on Sproul, a concert on Memorial Glade, and even trollies (like the ones of the cable cars from SF) circling the campus.

I work in the Academic Centers of the dorms, and even though we are typically closed on Saturdays, we opened just for tours. I had a two-hour shift of never-ending presentations to groups of 15-35 people about how awesome the academic center is, all the awesome resources it provides, and blah blah blah.

I remember being a prospective student myself, and going on tours of the campus and of the residence halls. Ah, good times. After a while though, all the campuses started to blur in my head. And as a high school student, I didn’t really have an idea of what college would be like, so I didn’t have any specific questions to ask. So being on the other side was definitely a trip down memory lane.

Our presentation was pretty thorough if I do say so myself, so we didn’t get a lot of questions either. But when we did, it was usually a question like “should my child get a printer in his room?” or “which residence hall is the best?”. And the questions ALWAYS came from parents, not the admitted student. I found that quite interesting, and I really like it when parents are really involved and enthusiastic about their child’s college experience 🙂 I spent that morning flyering for clubs, and there were many “Berkeley Mom”s and “Berkeley Dad”s with their tiny, Berkeley-student-to-be children running around and enjoying the crazy energy in the air. How cute!

I didn’t attend Cal Day as an admitted student, but now I am wishing that I did, because it probably would have turned me into a more enthusiastic Golden Bear sooner 🙂


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