Ryokan Experience & Shibu Onsen Town

Dad, Aunty and I went to the Nagano prefecture to see the snow monkeys. This could have been done as a day trip, but to give ourselves a little time to relax, we booked a night's stay at a ryokan, or Japanese-style inn. It was a great opportunity to experience Japanese living and hospitality, and is one of me favorite memories from Japan.


Jigokudani Hot Spring Monkeys

It's a Japanese macaque monkey soaking in the hot springs and playing with a (presumably stolen) phone. These monkeys inhabit a park called Jidokudani ("Hell's Valley", named for the cliffs and the hot steam that rises from the water). When it's cold, they like to soak in the onsen (hot springs) that were built for them. I mean, come on... I had to check them out for myself!

Okonomiyaki cooking tutorial

Aunty is really cute and fun because she really wanted to make some Youtube videos with me. She currently has some videos of her cats (lol), but really wanted to film me making Japanese food, so we watched a video together on how to make Okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese savoury pancake-like dish. This was my … Continue reading Okonomiyaki cooking tutorial

Japan Day 1: Narita Dream Farm & Goat from Hell

It’s my first full day in Japan! We started the day with a Japanese breakfast. Before coming to Japan, aunty asked me what I wanted to see. I told her that I liked animals, so she took me to the Narita Dream Farm (成田ゆめ牧場), which is not far from where she lives near Narita City … Continue reading Japan Day 1: Narita Dream Farm & Goat from Hell