It’s my first full day in Japan! We started the day with a Japanese breakfast.

Miso soup and other small plates.
The fish is called Aji.

Before coming to Japan, aunty asked me what I wanted to see. I told her that I liked animals, so she took me to the Narita Dream Farm (成田ゆめ牧場), which is not far from where she lives near Narita City in Chiba prefecture. It’s basically a farm/petting zoo/“fun park” (her words).


You can take your dogs in, but they have to pay an entrance fee too.

First, we went to see the cows. They were smelly but so cute. Inside the stable, there were a few baby cows, most under 2 months old. In fact, there was one baby cow there who was born on 2/3. Today is 2/5, so that means he is under 2 days old!! That’s crazy!!


Baby cow – only 2 days old!


We turned around and there were some soon-to-be-mommy cows on the other side. They were HUUGE. Looking at the size of the baby… I feel bad for them, childbirth does not seem pleasant 😦


Next, we headed down the hill towards the petting zoo area. There were a few guinea pigs in pens. You could pick them up in a small basket to give one some individual attention. 

Aren’t they cuuuuute??

Then, we headed into the goat and sheep pen. There were so many goats; each had a name tag with its very own name, which is so adorable.

Just chillin’.
Goats are great climbers.
Be careful up there!

For the most part they were mellow, but there were a few that bleeped really loudly and tried to make trouble with the other goats.

Including this one….

Qiuqiu, goat from HELL

This lil devil was picking fights with the other goats, prodding them and climbing all over the ones that were just lying down trying to chill out. I was watching her with great interest, when I noticed that she has the same name as me. Just my luck.

Come on goat, you are making the Qiuqius of the world look bad! 😡

Bad Qiuqiu needs a timeout.

She was eventually taken away by a caretaker for bad behavior, which is soo embarrassing.

The farm also had chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits, and way more guinea pigs then the ones that were in the display, but it would take forever to go into every single one, so let’s move on.

Ice cream made with fresh dairy


Anyways, after we went to see all the animals, my aunty and I drank some fresh milk, went to see the strawberries in the greenhouses, and had some ice cream. We also bought some drinkable yogurt for later.

Milk jam and apple butter

Before leaving, we wandered into some of the other stores on the farm. One was a cute little bakery, and I saw a jar of “Milk Jam”. My first thought was, “Isn’t that called butter?” But my aunty assured me that milk jam is in fact, different from butter. We bought a jar and also a jar of apple butter so we could do a taste test later.

After the farm experience, we went to Uniqlo to buy me a winter coat for our trip to Nagano in a few days. I won’t go into that because, shopping is kind of the same everywhere. But the small Japanese sizes made me feel fat 😦


We went home and had a snack of toast, milk jam, and apple butter. Milk jam is sweet and not like butter at all; I can’t really describe how it tastes, yet somehow it tastes just like you would expect from the name.


At night, we made okonomiyaki. Read my next blog post!


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