Aunty is really cute and fun because she really wanted to make some Youtube videos with me. She currently has some videos of her cats (lol), but really wanted to film me making Japanese food, so we watched a video together on how to make Okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese savoury pancake-like dish.


This was my first time eating, making, or for that matter, seeing okonomiyaki. I had no idea what it was. But the video was pretty helpful, and we set out to make our own version.

There are two types: Hiroshima style and Kansai style.

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki

The Hiroshima style starts with a layer of batter that cooks into a thin crepe-like pancake. We used store-bought batter mix; all we had to do was add water. Next, you add layers of a variety of ingredients including shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, fried squid cakes, green onion, meat, egg, and cooked noodles. The video we watched told us to move the okonomiyaki to the side while other ingredients were cooked (such as a layer of egg or panfrying the noodles). However, we only had a small griddle pan, so we had to completely displace the okonomiyaki onto another plate while we made those other layers, which was a challenge. The final product is topped with savory okonomi sauce, green onions, and ginger. It was pretty tasty!

Kansai style okonomiyaki

Next, we tried the Kansai style, which in my opinion, is way easier to make. The ingredients are mixed in with the batter, so we just plopped it down onto the griddle and waited for it to cook. After flipping, we finished the Kansai style okonomiyaki with some sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. Both styles were really delicious and I can’t really say which one I prefer more!

We made both types twice, I guess so that aunty could get more footage. So I ended up making okonomiyaki 4 times .___. And then aunty’s hard drive crashed so I ended up with no footage. But, if she does recover those files and ends up posting a video, I will edit this blog post and add it here! 🙂


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