Huangshan Pt. 1: Shanghai to Hongcun

This weekend, my friends and I took a trip from Shanghai to Huangshan, or Yellow Mountains. At first I was a little bummed out while planning it, because it was scheduled to rain on the day we were going to ascend the mountain. But, we were very lucky because a lot of things ended up working in our favor, and it was one of my favorite trips I have done in China. And the view from the top? One of the most incredible things I have EVER seen in my entire life!!

A Week in the Life of an Exchange Student in Shanghai

Since February, I have been studying abroad at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. China is such a different world compared to the US, but I have honestly really enjoyed my time here! As my semester is fast coming to an end, I thought I would let you guys in on what my day-to-day life has been like as a student here. Here's what it's like to be an exchange student in China!