I am currently studying abroad in Shanghai, China, for the spring semester of 2016. My program started on the 20th of February, which is quite late compared to the start date for American schools (which is typically early January). Because I had plenty of time to spare, I spent one week visiting my Dad in Wuhan before heading to Shanghai for my exchange program.

Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei province, which is located in central China. Although not regarded as one of the big Chinese tourist destinations, we did find some interesting things to see and do here. Take a look!

Yellow Crane Tower


This 5-story tower, which sits atop Snake Hill, is the largest tourist attraction in Wuhan. The original tower was built in year 223, but of course, the tower had been burnt down and rebuilt several times; the current tower is a reconstruction of a design from the Qing dynasty.

Snake Hill rises up from the middle of the city like a small green mound surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of tall residential buildings. From the top of the tower, there is an amazing view of the city!

The entire hill is a park and provides a natural escape from the gritty city life.



A wonderful area for a relaxed stroll on a warm sunny day. Here you will find families enjoying the open space, kids flying kites, and couples strolling along the river.


Hubuxiang Breakfast Alley


This is a street filled with street food!!! This is a great place to try local specialties such as reganmian, but there are also meat skewers, dumplings, tofu, fruit drinks, pig’s feet, and so, so much more.

this little girl: “Come get Wuhan’s local specialties!” she’s got her sales technique down pat! But, I was here on a Thursday morning. Shouldn’t she be in school????? :/


re gan mian


Fried ice cream


Would you eat this??

Some of the offerings may seem strange to foreigners, like the sea slug-looking thing above. But, I like to give everything a try.


I didn’t really like it.


That concludes my Wuhan experience! To wrap up this blog post, here is a “strange English sign in China” picture of the day:




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