Inner Mongolia Pt 4: Kangbashi Ghost Town

After last night’s desert camping adventure, we decided to take it easy for our fourth and final day in Inner Mongolia. We headed to Kangbashi, a district in Ordos, which is known for being a “ghost town”.


Empty apartment buildings…

Technically, “ghost town” isn’t the right word to describe Kangbashi, because it implies that people lived there in the past, but have since deserted the city. A more accurate description would be a city that was built, but nobody moved in.

Like many Chinese cities, there are rows and rows of multi-leveled apartment buildings. Unlike most Chinese cities, the buildings here are largely uninhabited.


OH LOOK! PEOPLE! ….oh wait, those are my friends. I came with them.


No one here…


What struck me as strange was that, despite the lack of people, the city is very well maintained. The streets are clean, the hedges are neatly trimmed, and the paths are well-paved. The traffic lights are functioning as normal, and there’s even public transportation here – I saw a transit bus make a stop, but nobody got on or off – the bus had no passengers. It’s as if all the residents went on vacation, all at the same time…

No one’s here to tell me not to climb on horse statues, so I’m gonna do it!


That concludes my Inner Mongolia trip! This trip was definitely the highlight of my China travels – I got to experience and see so much. Our tour guide/driver was amazing and we really managed to pack a lot into 4 short days, from sleeping in yurts, riding camels, to camping out in the desert. If you’re not afraid of roughing it, I highly recommend that you include Inner Mongolia in your itinerary when visiting China!

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