Cinque Terre and Pisa

For our first day in Florence, Amy and I decided to do a day trip to Pisa and Cinque Terre instead of exploring the city itself. We woke up bright and early and left our airbnb apartment at 7:30am. We took the train to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower. My impression of the … Continue reading Cinque Terre and Pisa


Day Two in Rome

Our second day in Rome. In the morning Amy and I went to Campo de Fiori, which has a nice marketplace where vendors sell cheese, truffles, alcohol, spices, and a whole variety of things really. Amy and I shared a cup of fresh pomegranate juice – we watched the women cut the pomegranate and juice … Continue reading Day Two in Rome

A Day in Vatican City

First day in Rome. Since it was scheduled to rain, my traveling buddy Amy and I bundled up and headed to the Vatican.Unfortunately it didn’t rain at all -_- Or I guess that’s fortunate, right? First impressions on Rome: there are tourists EVERYWHERE. You can tell because they all walk in groups. They are wearing matching … Continue reading A Day in Vatican City