Dimsum Every Day! Guangzhou & Shenzhen

Girls' getaway to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, ft. delicious food, 22 hour train rides, Finding Dory, and walking around in humid hot weather


Shengsi Island: Weekend Getaway from Shanghai

Around the middle of May, about halfway into my study abroad program in Shanghai, I started feeling homesick for the sun, sand, and ocean waves of the California coastline. An online search yielded no results for beaches within Shanghai, so I settled on a weekend getaway to the nearby Shengsi Islands.

Okonomiyaki cooking tutorial

Aunty is really cute and fun because she really wanted to make some Youtube videos with me. She currently has some videos of her cats (lol), but┬áreally wanted to film me making Japanese food, so we watched a video together on how to make Okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese savoury pancake-like dish. This was my … Continue reading Okonomiyaki cooking tutorial