Inner Mongolia Pt. 1: Train Ride to Hohhot

Inner Mongolia was on the top of my list of places in China I wanted to visit, so when my friend Ines planned a trip, I decided to tag along 😉 But first, a 27 hour train ride from Shanghai to Hohhot...


Animal Encounters at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park

If there's one thing that gets me excited, it's ANIMALS. I love watching animals interact with each other - seeing them play, fight, eat, and sleep. I also love having unique animal interactions because it's a chance to get up and personal with a creature that I normally don't encounter in my every day life. So, one weekend, I recruited my friend Bonnie to check out the Shanghai Wild Animal Park with me.

Shengsi Island: Weekend Getaway from Shanghai

Around the middle of May, about halfway into my study abroad program in Shanghai, I started feeling homesick for the sun, sand, and ocean waves of the California coastline. An online search yielded no results for beaches within Shanghai, so I settled on a weekend getaway to the nearby Shengsi Islands.

A Weekend in Wuyuan

One of the perks of studying abroad on an established program like UCEAP is the support system that students get before and during their time abroad. UCEAP, or UC Education Abroad Program, is the study abroad program that is available to all students in the University of California system. The program directors enrolled me into my … Continue reading A Weekend in Wuyuan